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Chrissy Teigen Forced To Apologies For “No Hot Nannies” Rule

Soooo apparently, Chrissy Teigen had to apologize for the “no hot nannies or maids” comment she made earlier to a reporter during NYFW. She was upset that she had to to apologize for… Continue reading

Snoop Dogg Responds To Rumors That He Was Kicked Out Of Long Beach

A few days ago, Snoop Dogg visited his home town in Long Beach, and there was a rumor stating that  he was kicked out of his old neighborhood in Long Beach by his own… Continue reading

Derrick Rose Accused of Gang Rape

So a girl, is claiming to being gang rape by Derrick Ros4w and his friends. Now here is the thing. I believe that she in fact was “dating” Derrick. She was the smash… Continue reading

Derrick Rose Accused of Gang Rape

So a girl, is claiming to being gang rape by Derrick Ros4w and his friends. Now here is the thing. I believe that she in fact was “dating” Derrick. She was the smash… Continue reading

Drake And Serena William?!?

Ummmm, so is Drake and Serena Williams dating right now? I don’t know how I feel about that. I guess my opinion is kind of bias because I have a slight crush on… Continue reading

Tyga May Be Admitting To His Relationship With Kylie In New Mixtape

Now that Kylie Jenner has officially turned 18, Tyga may now be admitting to being with her. In his latest mix tape, “F** Wat They Talkin About”, Tyga states  “love is blind” and… Continue reading

LaLa Anthony Responds to Cheating Rumors

So, apparently in the world of entertainment, you are not allowed to be friends with the opposite sex, or the media automatically claims you are cheating. Well, LaLa decided to address her cheating… Continue reading

Dr. Dre Apologizes to ‘the women I’ve hurt’…

Everyone know that the movie “Straight Outta Compton” was released this past weekend and made over $40 million in opening day. Well, the successful movie opened up some wounds of the women that… Continue reading


Former Roc-A-Fella Records rapper Amil recently put an end to an old rumor involving her and Jay Z. Back in the day, Amil was rumored to have been dating Hov, but while promoting… Continue reading

Is Selena Pregnant For Justin Beiber?

According to HollywoodLife: A sonogram [pictured below] with the patient name “Gomez, S.” hit the web and spread like wildfire after a report claimed it was Selena Gomez‘s. In the sonogram picture, you can clearly see two baby fetuses inside… Continue reading

Karrueche Dumped Chris Brown Because He Couldn’t Stop ‘Sexting’ Other Girls.

[TMZ] Karrueche Tran didn’t dump Chris Brown because of the girl he allegedly banged in rehab — sources close to the model tell TMZ … she dropped the hammer on their relationship because he refused to… Continue reading

Beyoncé Doesn’t Want To Attend Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Nuptials Because She Doesn’t Want To Appear On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

[RadarOnline] Forget diamonds, Kim is NOT this girl’s best friend. Superstar singer Beyoncé is telling pals she doesn’t want to attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s much-hyped wedding because she thinks it’s extremely tacky that the nuptials are going… Continue reading

Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Rehab For Reportedly Having A Threesome

[HollywoodLife] This is absolutely embarrassing for Chris, the report claims that he hooked up with two girls. But how did he get caught? Because they were reportedly bragging about it and someone overheard… Continue reading

Is Chris Brown Locked Up Or In A Studio?

Earlier today TMZ told us: Chris Brown will probably spend the next month behind bars, and possibly a lot longer. TMZ broke the story … Chris was arrested and jailed Friday after getting thrown… Continue reading

Porsha Wlliams Dating Rich African Dictator’s Son

Porsha Williams isn’t wanting for cash after her ex-husband screwed her over in their divorce — sources tell TMZ, she’s now knocking boots with the exorbitantly wealthy son of an African dictator … notorious for human… Continue reading

Was Lupita’s Relationship With K’naan Confirmed?

There goes Lupita Nyong’o snagging another magazine cover again! This time the Oscar-winning beauty graces The Hollywood Reporter with fellow actress Michelle Dockery and personal stylist Micaela Erlanger. Micaela is the talented woman… Continue reading


[HipHollywood] Floyd Mayweather’s life may have just gotten a little more complicated because two men are claiming that the boxing champion is the catalyst behind a brutal beating. A source tells TMZ Sports… Continue reading

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back Together?

Who knew laser tag could be so hot! Since privacy is hard to find for Justin and Selena, an eyewitness tells EXCLUSIVELY that the two utilized the dark labyrinth of a laser… Continue reading

Petition Calls For Lupita Nyong’o To Replace Halle Berry In X-Men

[Bossip] A new petition is demanding that ’12 Years A Slave’ star Lupita replaces Halle in Marvel’s ”X-Men” films. Halle has played comic book favorite Storm in several of the films but the creator says… Continue reading

Is Chris Brown And Karrueche Really Over?

According to HollywoodLife: The source tells us that Chris and KT actually haven’t split up — “Chris and Karrueche are cool. They are tight and fine. Don’t believe the hype,” he says. But Chris is… Continue reading

Beyonce Denies Calling Beyonce A Vulgar Word

HipHollyWood reports: Legendary diva Chaka Khan is using social media to help dead drama she started after reportedly calling Beyonce a “b*tch” during an event this week. While walking the red carpet for… Continue reading


[HipHollywood] Did Brandy and her fiancé, Ryan Press really break-up? The rumor mill has been buzzing that the R&B singer and her music exec beau have decided to break off their impending nuptials,… Continue reading

Will Destiny’s Child Have A Movie? [Video]

[HipHollywood] With the success of the Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, we’re all hoping a few other girl groups follow suite…mainly, Destiny’s Child! HipHollywood caught up with former DC member, LeToya Luckett and asked… Continue reading

Heidi Klum And Ex-Husband Seal Getting Back Together?

[RumorFix] Heidi Klum and ex-husband Seal getting back together? That’s the claim made by several websites earlier this week with allegations that some late night sleep-overs have led to a new closeness between the… Continue reading

Kris Is No Longer Kim’s Momanger…Kanye Took Over!

[RadarOnline] The rapper has done what once seemed impossible, seizing control of fiancée Kim Kardashian‘s career from her controlling “momager,” Kris Jenner, has exclusively learned. “Kanye is now totally in charge of Kim’s career and his… Continue reading

Kimora Lee Is Not Dating Birdman, She Is Secretly Married!

[NecoleBitchie] It looks as though everyone missed the memo that Kimora Lee Simmons is marred…including Birdman! On Monday night, Birdman set the net ablaze, when he shared a snapshot of him and Kimora in a… Continue reading

Birdman And Kimora Lee Dating?

Birdman look what you’ve started! For years there have been whispers that the mastermind behind Cash Money has had his eyes set on Kimora Lee Simmons, but he cranked those rumors up a little more… Continue reading

Peter Thomas Allegedly Involved In Apollo’s Scam

[Bossip] Peter might want that man cave to hide out in right about now…if the feds came for Apollo they will come for him too. According to Radar Online: Phaedra Parks isn’t the only Real Housewives… Continue reading

Kordell Stewart Tells The Truth About His Relationship With Towanda

[Bossip] Kordell Stewart has been linked to Towanda Braxton for a couple of months now. While she has yet to confirm or deny their relationship during her recent interviews, Stewart is ready to deny all… Continue reading

Justin Bieber Kissing Another Boy…The Truth Inside!

A recently surfaced pic of what appears to be Justin kissing another guy has Beliebers totally up in arms, but they may not need to worry after all. Justin Bieber has been called many… Continue reading

Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of Domestic Abuse, Adultery & Infecting Her With An STD

Engagement joy was short-lived for Gabrielle Union, when news that her fiancé Dwyane Wade had fathered a love child broke just days after he popped the question. But now, as the couple prepare to wed, has uncovered… Continue reading

This Is How Rumors Get Started: Beyonce And Obama Having An Affair

Beyonce may be tight with President Barack Obama but this is ridiculous! A spokesperson for the Washington Post has made it clear that the paper will not publish a wild claim that the pop star and the president… Continue reading

Scandal: Female Claiming To Being Raped By ‘Black Ink Crew’ Production Team

[RadarOnline] The producers behind VH1‘s Black Ink Crew — along with the network — are firing back at the two women who claim they were date raped during production of the show, and has the exclusive court… Continue reading

Bruce Jenner Post Adam’s Apple Surgery And New Hair Do

[TMZ] Bruce Jenner was out and about Monday near L.A. … with a new, shaved Adam’s Apple and a very popular woman’s hair style. Check out the pic … Bruce got himself an ombre… Continue reading

Jhene Aiko Confirms If She Is Pregnant With Drake’s Baby

    Jhene confirmed on twitter that she is not pregnant with Drake’s baby. Well at least not right now. I wonder if they are intimate…hmmm! !

Is Drake Expecting A Baby With Jhene Aiko

There must be something in the water that celebrities are drinking. Why is everyone getting pregnant? [HollywoodLife] Is Drake going to be a dad? A new report claims that after a steamy fling… Continue reading

Diddy Horrified Hotel Apologizes For Calling Him Cheapskate

[TMZ] The Dream NY knows where its bread is buttered … it’s now groveling — BEGGING for forgiveness after its own bar slammed Diddy for stiffing its waitress on Super Bowl Sunday. Honchos at Dream say they… Continue reading

Benzino DENIES His New Chick Thi Thi & Karlie Redd BATTLED At Bar Opening

[Bossip] Cameras were rolling at last night’s opening of Stevie J and Benzino’s new nightspot “Sleazy & Zino’s Bistro & Bar,” so it should come to little surprise that the angry birds were in full on… Continue reading

Cassie Confirms That She Is Not Engaged!

[globalGrind] Earlier this week, rumors started to fly that Diddy and Cassie had finally gotten engaged. The hip-hop mogul did put a giant rock on his girlfriend’s finger  – but it wasn’t because he was ready to make… Continue reading

Letoya Luckett Speaks On Beyonce’s Alleged ‘Cough’ Shade In An Old Destiny’s Child Video

[NecoleBitchie] If you watch some old Destiny’s Child videos from back in the day, you’ll quickly make the assumption that Beyonce may have been a mean girl. With her father managing the group,… Continue reading

Bruce Jenner Sex Change And Kim Kardashian’s Response

Ever since Bruce reportedly underwent plastic surgery to shave down his Adam’s apple, rumors have been swirling that the reality TV patriarch is preparing for a sex change — but has learned the… Continue reading

Drake And Rihanna Is Not Dating, But They Are Doing Something Else

According to HollywoodLife: Rihanna, 25, and Drake, 27, have one of those relationships that many men want — it’s not serious, and there’s lot of sex! “Whatever happens between them, happens,” a source… Continue reading

Rumor Control: T.I. And Tiny Are Not Breaking Up!

I am happy that this is a rumor. If T.I. and Tiny can not last especially all that they have been through, then I believe there is no hope for many relationships in… Continue reading


Cream Bmp Daily has started another viral rumor, Bow Wow getting fired from 106 and Park because he used company card to pay for child support. Cream Bmp is a comedy page that… Continue reading

Twitter Has Gone Viral: Beyonce Crops Kelly Out Of Pic With Aaliyah #Shade

[Bossip] Beyonce seems like the sweetest Pop superstar in the game until you realize that she’s a notorious shade queen who never misses an opportunity to shade her “sister”/ex-groupmate Kelly Rowland (aka the… Continue reading

Nicki Minaj Denies Get Pregnant By Lil Wayne

[Bossip] Via Rumor Fix reports: Last Monday RumorFix got wind of a rumor that Nicki Minaj was preggers with Lil Wayne’s baby. We can finally confirm that this story is absolutely false! A rep for… Continue reading

Kim K Denies Photoshop Rumors

[Bossip] Kim hits the Cali streets and claps back at the photoshop slander… Rumors have been running rampant about curvy new mom Kim Kardashian summoning the photoshop gods to make her post-baby body appear more… Continue reading

Melyssa Ford Opens Up About Relationship With Flo Rida + Goes In On Superhead

[TheYBF] “Blood Sweat And Heels” star Melyssa Ford appeared on “The Breakfast Club” this morning where she dished on “video vixens” and why her relationship with Flo Rida was “doomed”. More inside….. On this morning’s broadcast of “The… Continue reading

Here We Go: Nicki Minaj May Be Pregnant With Lil Wayne’s Baby

How would a Nicki Minaj/Weezy baby look like? Would the baby have dreads, drink sizzurp all day, and pretend to be three different people? According to Hollywood Life: Nicki Minaj, 31,and Lil Wayne, 31, are… Continue reading

Wayne Brady And Chilli Are Not Dating

[NecoleBitchie] Well, that was quick! Before those Chilli dating rumors could go haywire, Wayne Brady has shut ish down. Earlier today, US Weekly reported that Wayne Brady and Chilli are now dating after… Continue reading