Scandal: Female Claiming To Being Raped By ‘Black Ink Crew’ Production Team

[RadarOnline] The producers behind VH1‘s Black Ink Crew — along with the network — are firing back at the two women who claim they were date raped during production of the show, and has the exclusive court documents.

Alexandra Estevez filed a lawsuit in New York late last year against the producers and network of the wild tattoo show claiming that while filming she was handed a drink that contained a “date rape drug” by someone on the production team — which caused her to black out for the night.

Supreme Court of the State of New York/VH1

Estevez also instated that producers edited the show to make her look promiscuous and she then quit the show saying she felt too violated to continue — but is seeking $1 million in damaged through her lawsuit.

But defendants Viacom, Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions responded to the allegations on Jan. 24, 2014, blasting Estevez for her “bald legal conclusions” and “vague allegations of wrongdoing.”

The producers note she never explained how the “John Doe” she claims roofied her is tied to them and doesn’t explain what type of drink it was, when it was given to her or how she came in contact with it from “John Doe.”

Furthermore, the response claims the lawsuit never lists any factual medical support that she was battered or drugged and they say she never explains her role in the incident.

In her lawsuit, Estevez claimed she was owed money on her contract from the show, but the defendants are quick to point out that her contract had a provision that she had to inform the company first before suing — and she did not.

The defendants want her lawsuit dismissed completely due to her vague allegations and lack of evidence for her claims.