Is Selena Pregnant For Justin Beiber?

According to HollywoodLife:

A sonogram [pictured below] with the patient name “Gomez, S.” hit the web and spread like wildfire after a report claimed it was Selena Gomez‘s. In the sonogram picture, you can clearly see two baby fetuses inside a womb. Of course, everyone immediately assumed that Selena was pregnant with Justin Bieber‘s twin babies! Can you imagine? Two little Jelena’s running around… singing their hearts out.

The report also claims that while Selena and Justin were hanging out in Austin, Texas for the SXSW festival, Selena underwent a series of different tests. Selena was allegedly experiencing dizziness and headaches, so she had to take a number of blood tests to confirm whether or not she was definitely hopes Selena is feeling better!

 The truth is that the report is definitely NOT real. How do we know? The report came from a site called eBuzzd, whichdescribes itself as a “hoax” website. reached out to Selena’s rep to which she replied: “No comment.” Justin’s rep declined to comment.

Don’t be bummed, Jelena fans. These two lovebirds have plenty of time to makebabies in the very distant future, once they’ve both settled down and worked out their rocky relationship issues.

Jelena Are Happier Than Ever

If you were wondering what is really going on between Justin and Selena, it’s clear that these two have never been better.

Not only did Justin take time to visit Selena in McAllen, Texas on March 7, the next day hesupported her when she took the stage for aconcert in Hidalgo, Tex. Justin even tweeted about seeing the show, writing: “Saw a great show last night.” He just loves teasing those dedicated Jelena fans!

Of course, we can’t forget to mention those EPIC dance videos Justin posted on Instagram! That was one sexy dance, which showed us just how into each other Selena and Justin really are.

Justin also recently wrote a song inspired by his reconciliation with Selena, and shared a sneak peek with his Beliebers on Instagram. The song is called “Life Is Worth Living Again,” and Justin’s never sounded better.

So even though these two lovebirds are in such a great place romantically, now is definitely not the time for them to have children. Hopefully they aren’t planning on it any time soon!