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13 Year Old Boy Shreds Obama On Clock Kid

Many people know about the muslim kid, Ahmed Mohamed, that was arrested for bringing a clock to school that they mistaken to be a bomb. As a result to this mistake, Ahmed has… Continue reading

Trump Fails To Correct Man Who Says Obama Is Muslim With Claims Of Terrorist Training Camps

[AP] ROCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump declined Thursday to correct a questioner at a town hall event who incorrectly stated that President Barack Obama is Muslim and said he’d… Continue reading

Watch The Republican Debate [LIVE]!

To watch the GOP debate, click here.

New Tide To Go Commercial That Takes On the Gay Marriage Debate [Applause]

In the commercial, two men head to the altar, but are stopped on the church steps by a serious looking woman determined to make sure they don’t “blemish the sanctity of marriage!” As… Continue reading

Celebrities Want Kanye West For President In 2020

Since making his stunning announcement at the MTV VMAs last week, Kanye West has been getting a lot of support for his potential 2020 presidential bid. West rocked the music and political establishments when he… Continue reading

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis to Be Released From Jail [SMH!]

So there has been a lot of back and forth about the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, whom refuse to issue same-sex marriage license due to her religious belief. So here is what I… Continue reading

‘Peggy Hubbard’ Speaks Out With Don Lemon About Anti Black Lives Matter Rant [Video]

Everyone remembers the video of  Peggy Hubbard ranting about how she doesn’t believe all black lives matter? Well, she was on CNN explaining as to why she created that video and what she… Continue reading

Ummmm, WHAT?!? – Residents In A Suburb In Detroit Upset With Racist Political Fliers

People are going on personal property to put up fliers with pictures of Treyvon Martin, saying we will get “Thugs” like this out. If you have the audacity to step your foot on someone… Continue reading

Obama Has Trouble Spelling “Respect” At Aretha Franklin Tribute

[HipHollywood] In news that we simply can’t make up: Barack Obama mangles the spelling of “respect” while paying tribute to music legend, Aretha Franklin. When it comes to spelling, we all make mistakes… Continue reading

Highlights from Obama’s State of the Union address

[] President Barack Obama urged Congress to help restore opportunity for Americans but pledged to take action himself Tuesday in his fifth State of the Union address before Congress. Some highlights from Obama’s… Continue reading

Military Mom Surprises 13-Year-Old Son At The Free Throw Line [Video]

[NecoleBitchie] I can only imagine how hard it is for kids who have parents in the military. Sometimes, their mom or dad will be whisked off to serve the country for months or… Continue reading

Beyonce Performs At Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party

[HipHollywood] In not so surprising news, Beyoncé performed at First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party on Saturday, Jan. 18. The Queen Bey shared photos on her tumblr posing in a pale sequined dress inside the White… Continue reading

Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Still Going Strong At Miami Heat White House Visit

The Miami Heat ballers and their ladies get up close and personal with the POTUS Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union At The Miami Heat White House Visit As the 2013 NBA Champions, the… Continue reading

JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Dominican Republic Passed A Ruling That Violated Human Rights!

JOIN THE MOVEMENT On Sept. 23rd 2013, the Dominican Republic passed a ruling that violated human rights. The ruling will rob many Dominicans of their natural birth right. The Dominican government has literally… Continue reading

The REAL Reasons FLOTUS Was Throwing Shade At Obama’s Selfie

  [GlobalGrind] Today, President Barack Obama took a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s official memorial service in South Africa. The world went wild. And yes, that is news. To be honest, it was less about the selfie, snapped with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt‘s phone, than… Continue reading

Kanye West Tweets About Fake Nelson Mandela Quote

[HipHopWired] Late last week, a website posted a fake Kanye West story where he allegedly compared himself to the late Nelson Mandela. Despite it clearly being bogus, many outlets, and social media users,… Continue reading

15 Things You Did Not Know About Nelson Mandela

[HipHopWired] The passing of iconic South African anti-apartheid activist and revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela has shaken the entire globe. Living until the age of 95, Mandela’s long life has been peppered with some… Continue reading

Nelson Mandela Funeral Set For December 15

Nelson Mandela’s funeral has been set for December 15. Following a week of mourning, the  anti-apartheid revolutionary icon will be laid to rest at his ancestral village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape. According to reports,… Continue reading

Nelson Mandela Dead At 95

[ABC News/WorldNews] Nelson Mandela, the revered South African anti-apartheid icon who spent 27 years in prison, led his country to democracy and became its first black president, died Thursday at home. He was… Continue reading

Chris Brown Arrested; Charged With Felony Assault For DC Fight

  WASHINGTON (AP/WJLA) – Chris Brown is expected to appear in court Monday afternoon on an assault charge after a fight broke out over the weekend near a Washington hotel, which could further… Continue reading

Racist Tweet??? Or Just A Typo: Obama’s Aide Types “N-Word” Instead Of “Bigger” On Twitter

[DailyNews] A top Obama aide, who advises the President on communications strategy, made an egregious error in a hurriedly posted tweet, mistakenly typing the N-word when he meant to type the word “bigger.”… Continue reading

The Government Is Shutdown!

  According to Time Swampland, the gears of the federal government began grinding to a stop for the first time in 17 years on Tuesday, after Republicans and Democrats failed to break through… Continue reading