Is Drake Expecting A Baby With Jhene Aiko

There must be something in the water that celebrities are drinking. Why is everyone getting pregnant?

[HollywoodLife] Is Drake going to be a dad? A new report claims that after a steamy fling with tour mate Jhene Aiko, she is now two months pregnant with their first child.

Drake, 27, thrilled fans by taking his act on the road with a tour that he cleverly called Would You Like A Tour?, and he brough up-and-coming singer Jhene Aikowith him as his supporting act. During their time on tour together, things got physical between Drake and Jhene, and a new report claims that Jhene is now two months pregnant!

Drake Having A Baby With Jhene Aiko — Report

Drake stopped in over 40 cities while on his Would You Like A Tour? tour, and Jhene, 25, supported each and every show as his opening act along with rapperFuture. If the report from Media Take Out of a steamy on-the-road romance — leading to a baby — are true, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that two young, hot artists got caught up romantically after spending that much time together. This also is not the first time Drake and Jhene have “hooked up” — Jhene is a featured vocalist on Drake’s “From Time” on hisNothing Was The Same album.

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While on the road in November 2013, Jhene even referenced one of Drake’s lyrics whilediscussing being in love in an interview:

“I AM in love. I think you’re the first person I’ve told that to, but I am, and I love being in love. And I think the best thing about being in love is just for me, as I get older, really understanding what that means, and for me it means to be able to completely be yourself with another person, and to completely accept and understand them. Not having to depend on them for your happiness, but being happy enough to want to share it with another person. For me, it’s all about giving and not receiving. And that’s the line in the Drake song where I said, ‘I love me enough for the both of us,’ and that’s basically what I mean. Like, I don’t need anything from you, I love you cause I love myself.”

Jhene Aiko Preparing For Second Child

If Jhene is pregnant with Drake’s child it would be his first, but Jhene is also a mom to her first child, her 5-year-old daughter Namiko.

Jhene gave birth to her daughter Namiko at 20 years old while in a relationship with R&B singerO’Ryan, brother to B2K‘s Omarion. The former couple had known each other since elementary school, and were involved romantically on-and-off for three years.

So what do you think, HollyMoms — could Drake be expecting his first child?