Adrienne Bailon Single Again! Rob Kardashian May Be Reconnecting With Her!


Adrienne Bailon has been taking about her fiance and engagement to Lenny Santiago on “The Real” for months now. Bailon, 31, and Santiago, 44 has recently called it quits after 6 years. In the past, she has told Us Weekly, “I am so excited to be marrying my best friend…There’s nothing like having someone that makes you laugh, that encourages you, and motivates you…He’s such an incredible person and they say there’s always a great man behind a great woman and I say the same for him. He’s been that great motivation behind everything I do.” Well, it’s over now.

This is what she had to say about the breakup to US:

“I am, of course, sad that things didn’t go as we planned, but we still remain close friends…Six years is a long time to be together, but we had to make the decision to go with our hearts and not be embarrassed or afraid of change. He absolutely helped make me a better person and I will forever cherish the time we shared together.”

“Right now I am taking time for myself and I’m glad to be back at work with my favorite ladies and the incredible crew of The Real...Life lessons are hard but I’m grateful that I have a platform to share my journey and hopefully encourage, inspire, or just let women know they are not alone and to never give up on finding love. I still believe. I feel so blessed and excited for the new season of The Real and I truly appreciate the support from everyone!”

According to, A source close to Rob dished to CDL, “Rob has always followed Adrienne’s career, she was his first love. He definitely heard about her break-up, and now that he is getting back to his old self, he will probably reach out to her. He is getting his confidence back, we would all be shocked if he didn’t contact her now that she is single again.”

Well, we will see what happens. They always say Mr. Right is always the person you least expect. Personally I hope they do get back together. What do you guys think?