Peter Rosenberg Confronts The Source’s Londell McMillan Over “Power 30” Rankings [VIDEO]

[AllHipHop News] Whenever publications release rankings there is always someone that takes issue with where he or she is placed on the list. That doesn’t just go for artists. Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg questioned The Source owner/publisher Londell McMillan about his place on the magazine’s Power 30 DJ rankings.

McMillan and Brooklyn rapper Maino stopped by Ebro In The Morning for an interview. The discussion eventually turned to Rosenberg’s placement at number 24 on the radio figures list.

The Source somehow collectively decided there were 23 DJs whose voice is more impactful than mine – which I found shocking – including DJs in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said Rosenberg. “And last year my voice wasn’t on the list at all.”

McMillan attempted to explain the Power 30 list is not about the most powerful voices in the culture. He mentioned the criteria for selection is based on the DJ’s ratings, influence, and a market adjustment.

“When I say market adjustments, it’s like the NBA lottery. If you lose, you get a little higher rating,” stated McMillan. “Of course the markets matter, but just because you’re in a dope market doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump over a cat that’s in a smaller market that controls a community.”