Wendy Williams Son Addicted To Synthetic Marijuana

So the beginning of season 7 of The Wendy William Show was a shocking heart felt moment. Wendy Williams tells everyone about her crazy summer when she had to help her son, Kevin Jr. with his addiction to synthetic marijuana.

“So the most important thing that happened this summer, which was a life-changing thing for the Hunter family, is our son was made exposed to synthetic marijuana and he was exposed by a loved one who he looked up to,” Williams said.

Wendy later said, “I was duped and my kid had been smoking this mess and he got turned out to the point that he went off the rail for a moment.”

According to Health US News, the drug which “goes by street names such as “K2,” “Spice” and “Green Giant,” stating that there have been several cases of young men being admitted to the hospital with similar symptoms, all violent and confused and all having one drug testing positive in their system – synthetic marijuana. The report says that the drug is “…not made using just one chemical [it] can be made with nearly 100 different chemicals that are often sprayed onto dried, shredded plant material.” The substance is manufactured in a lab and is typically sold at bodegas or corner stores for about $5.

According to Forbes some of the side effects consist of, “agitation, vomiting, hallucination, paranoia, tremor, seizure, tachycardia, hypokalemia, chest pain, cardiac problems, stroke, kidney damage, acute psychosis, brain damage and death.”

That is crazy! I sincerely give Wendy Williams props because she did not hide her family demons, especially since she is always bashing others. I love the fact that she can put her business out there as quickly as she put others info into the public. Kudos! She also wants to inform other parents about this new thing kids are doing so that they may be aware.

Watch the video below!