Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Is Not The Same

Who remembers how the tents looked inside of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

Well, erase that from your mind because it does not look the same anymore. Since New York Fashion Week has lost Mercedes Benz as a sponsor and their location at Lincoln center, things seem to be going downhill. New York Fashion Week has taken a different route of simplicity. When I mean simplicity, they went for NOTHING. This season, NYFW tents, which is now located in Skylight Clarkson Square in Greenwich Village, do not have anything on the inside. Don’t get me wrong, this location has potential, but I remember when Samsung Galaxy Press Lounge would engrave phone cases and take a picture to place on a makeup case or pocket mirror. How about when companies would give out free drinks and gift bags. Or when you were able to write on papaya cards and they would mail them out free of charge. Well, this season didn’t have any of those exciting things. All you did was attend your show and leave.

In 2011, New York Times fashion reporter Eric Wilson wrote that “the real point of Fashion Week, to promote collections to editors and retailers several months before they will be in stores, is becoming lost in the age of instant online accessibility. There is, in fact, a curious sense that just when fashion has become a vibrant force in popular culture, attracting a new generation of designers (and wannabes), Fashion Week is losing its relevance.” Soooooo, I am guessing that we are going back to the way things used to be, but will this hurt or heal NYFW. All of these of site shows are becoming the show to attend rather than going to NYFW tents.

I guess we will have to wait and see what will happen. See what I am talking about below.



Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images


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