KYE SS16 Fashion Show

For all of you retro dressers, KYE is the place to be (corny, I know), but seriously KYE’s collection is definitely edgy. Her collection this season consisted of a lot of pastels, unlike her Fall 2015 collection. KYE went for the cute girly looks this season, but remained true to her retro edgy side. Along with her pastels, KYE aslo had a mixture of a deep yellow that highlighted many of her accessories and accent pieces. Although this collection was creatd for Spring/Summer, many of KYE’s pieces can be worn all year round. Wait, lets not forget those sunglasses! OMG, I sincerely need to get me a pair. Just when you think they are normal cat-eye glasses, the models turn to the side and you see that the glasses are in fact bent in at the sides. CA-UTE!!! Check out the images below.

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