Ummmm, WHAT?!? – Residents In A Suburb In Detroit Upset With Racist Political Fliers

People are going on personal property to put up fliers with pictures of Treyvon Martin, saying we will get “Thugs” like this out. If you have the audacity to step your foot on someone else’s personal property, then you should have the “balls” to show your face. Why not go as far a knocking on the door, and personally handing the fliers, COWARD! This racism needs to stop, go listen to Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” speech.


[The Grio] One of the fliers showed an image of a policeman in a KKK hood pointing a gun at a black child holding a bag of candy, reminiscent of Trayvon Martin.

“To use Trayvon Martin definitely offensive,” Damon Smith told WXYZ. “That was a big issue in the African American community, still is with the Black Lives Matter, things like that going on.”

A different flier shows three white candidates and two white city officials, along with the words, “Let’s get the blacks out of Southfield in November.”

Mayoral candidate Kenson Siver, one of the candidates whose image is on the flier, insisted that his camp was not behind the fliers and that he did not support messages of hate.

“We’re not stupid as African Americans, we’re not stupid,” Smith explained. “To throw this out, these people are racists don’t vote for them. Number one thing, people who are racists aren’t up in your face racists. There’s only so many. Especially political people. So they are going to go behind the scenes. They’re not going to say I’m a racist, don’t vote for me.”