Afro Punk vs FYF Fest [Which Would You Chose]

While AfroPunk is happening here in Brooklyn, across the country FYF (F*** Yeah Festival) is going down in California. As both festivals are on their last day, let’s see what has occurred so far.

First thing first, lets distinguish the difference between AfroPunk and FYF.

AfroPunk Festival is an annual music festival. It was most recently held in Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, New York City. Its performances are primarily known to reflect African-American culture. Musicians perform from a variety of genres.

FYF Fest is an annual two-day music festival held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena & Exposition Park in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Sean Carlson in 2004[1] and is produced by Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG live. The event showcases many genres of music, including rock, indie, electronic, and more.

OK, now that we have that cleared up. Let see what is going on with both festivals.


R&B singer Kelis shows off her pregnant belly during her performance at Afropunk. She has been in hiding for a while. Nice way to reappear!

Kelis performs at Afropunk Festival

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While Kelis is covering up, Grace Jones is stripping down.


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Filip Wolak HO99O9 performs at Afropunk Fest, August 23, 2014, Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn

Here’s the full schedule for Afropunk Festival 2015

Filip Wolak

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Alright, lets switch gears now.



FYF Fest

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[Billboard] Frank Ocean Cancels FYF Fest Performance, Kanye West Steps In as Replacement. Kanye West enlisted the help of a very popular fan for his set at FYF in Los Angeles Saturday night — Rihanna.

Performing Rihanna’s hit “FourFiveSeconds,” which he co-wrote and co-produced with Paul McCartney, West seemed to find Rihanna in the audience during his set and crew passed her a mic to accompany on the song’s chorus. While he led the packed crowd in a pop song sing along crouched from the side stage, with a smile on his face, Rihanna excitedly sang the hook below from the pit.

“Make some noise for Rihanna in the crowd,” West shouted afterwards.

So which event would you go too?