Keyshia Cole Tells Why She Left Her Husband In New Song, ‘Next Time’

Keyshia Cole - Next Time Won't Give My Heart Away
[NecoleBitchie] Yesterday Keyshia Cole released her track “Rick James” where she kept it hood rich and let her boss chick roam free, but today she dropped “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away) where she gets way personal about what may have caused her breakup from husband Daniel Gibson.

For months now keyshia’s been ducking and dodging questions on whether or not she and Daniel were headed to divorce court, but this new single is putting all their business in the streets on why she got fed up and told her man to get to steppin’.

She sings:

Seem kinda crazy saying you love me so much
How could you bring that woman into our home
Where my baby laid, damn right here it’s over
The crazy part about it is I took you right back
I thought you were a changed man
I tried to work it out for the sake of our family
You took my kindness for weakness
And my love for granted
I shoulda known then, you do what you want
You’d do it again

Next time
I won’t throw my heart away again
I just won’t, no I won’t

According to her interview with the Breakfast Club, she freestyled a lot of her records, including this one, after a few drinks in the studio.