‘Pretty Little Liars’: Will Season Finale Prove That Ezra Is Actually ‘A’?


[HollywoodLife] The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 finale is tonight, March 18, and fans everywhere are wondering if ‘A’ will finally be revealed. HollywoodLife.com have some EXCLUSIVE intel from Ian Harding and the executive producer that prove that Ezra could still be ‘A’!

After a season full of shockers including Ezra (Ian Harding) being “A”, Ezra not being “A” and Alison being alive, Season 4 is wrapping up with its highly-anticipatedfinale, but will these questions finally be answered? Probably not, considering that this is Pretty Little Liars, but we do have EXCLUSIVE details that prove that Ezra could still be “A!” Keep reading to find out what actor Ian Harding told us about his twisted character!


Ezra Could Still Be “A”

He’s tricked us once and he could do it again! Although a new “A” was revealed recently, this isPretty Little Liars we’re talking about so anything is possible. And new details from Ian Harding prove that his fate as “A” could still be in the works.

“I want there to be some reveal, but I have no idea how it will all end,” Ian toldHollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY atPaleyFest this past weekend. “In the finale, a lot will be called into question, including my relationship with [the girls] and my relationship with Rosewood.”


His relationship might just be questionedbecause he might still be “A”! Executive producer Oliver Goldstick teased the possiblity, EXCLUSIVELYtelling HollywoodLife.com, “As a writer group, we have set out to say that don’t trust anyone! The show is called Pretty Little Liars and everyone has a secret. Everyone is up to something, so you shouldn’t be surprised.”

When we asked him if that means Ezra is still up for “A” contention, he gave us a little smirk and a vague, “I can’t say.”

Ian still has hope for his character’s goodwill. ”I think [Ezra] can be redeemed because he is a good person,” Ian told usEXCLUSIVELY. “He was so obsessed with getting the truth out. He wanted to connect and realize the bigger things coming from Rosewood, but for him its going to take a lot. A lot of time!”


Will There Be An Ezra, Aria & Alison Love Triangle?

If Ezra ends up being “A,” he will certainly never be redeemed. But if he’s not, he’ll still need to seek redemption for a certain rendezvous with a certain “dead girl.” Will Aria (Lucy Hale) ever be able to forgive Ezra for his past with Alison (Sasha Pieterse)? We’re not sure if Ezria will ever beback to normal — he did, after all, stalk her and her friends, while sleeping with her, for years — but Ian did toy around with the idea of an Aria, Ezra and Alison love triangle.

“That is far to many teenagers for Ezra to handle!” Ian said EXCLUSIVELY. “Who knows! We have seen a lot of stuff come out of the woodwork we thought would never work. Looking back from Season 2, I never thought I would be where I am at now so if there is a weird jealously thing or if everyone has been dead this entire time, I wouldn’t be surprised. It would be nuts though!”

Even Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, chimed in, telling us, “Currently Ezra and Aria are broken up.” Sasha added, “There will be some tension there. I think things will be very sensitive.”