Tamar Braxton And Her Hair Stylist Go At Each Other


[NecoleBitchie] If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen…and that heat is definitely hot in the Braxton camp.

Over the past year, Tamar has been working with Washington, DC stylist DiAndre Tristan but as of the past week, she has been shading the mess out of him with subliminal posts on Twitter and Instagram, while accusing him of getting to big for his britches now that he has more clients and stealing among other things.

Earlier this week, she posted the tweetgram, “I found I was riding for people who couldn’t even walk for me,” and followed up with the caption:

 I HAD to repost because I will NEVER be in THIS position again!! My mama says u FIND a FOOL you USE a fool! Know peoples intentions FIRST! Watch who they are friends with…if that’s not your type of crew then..RUN!!!…watch how they treat others…do they talk about others???then ..they talk about YOU too! BeCAREFUL who u TRUST & have around you!! Some people are JUST there you USE you!! They will LIE,CHEAT & STEAL!!!…then they move on to the NEXT! Watch who calls u #sis #fam #cousin #girl when they AINT!! 9x out of 10 they out for THEM!! Keep yo ??? on yo?? &  your PURSE! #no#allTRUTH

Tamar Braxton shades stylist on Instagram

She also posted:

I HATE when people try to act GRAND now that they feel like they ‘made it’…when we met you had 1 client!!! Now you have ‘contracts’ and a ‘manager’ … but you have 5 clients … 4 clients cuz I’m sleep.

Meanwhile, her stylist hopped on Twitter and only responded with “Something BIG is coming my way the devil is busy and he will not win…..” And he also served the ultimate blow to Tamar by posting a video of her sister Toni Braxton performing with the caption:

There will never be another with so much Style, Grace, ELEGANT, Sex appeal, and Effortlessly Owning The Stage, Yes GAWD! I love this woman #Isiton ##Yesitis #Thereslevelstothisgreatness

So what brought this crazy beef on?  According to Funky Dineva, it seems as though DeAndre wanted to take his business a little serious so he got a business manager and presented Tamar with a contract. He wanted to get compensated appropriately!

This is only DeAndre’s side, as Tamar handed out a little more shade yesterday on Twitter. After someone made the comment that she promotes her album Love and War like her and Vince don’t have food in their house, she responded:

well according to what a LATE blogger who gets info from a scam Queen….Vince and I need money 2pay folks! So buy it so they can [have a seat!]

Currently DeAndre is styling Robin Roberts, who made a few Oscars best-dressed lists this year. In a December 2013 interview, when asked how he linked up with Tamar, he responded:

I met her three years ago when she came to GMA [Good Morning America] when they first, first started the Braxtons. I saw Vince in the hallway and told him I would love to style Tamar and he was like sure give me a minute. I was waiting outside the dressing room for a minute and I went in there and spoke to everybody and introduced myself. At the time I was working for Robin and I told Tamar, “I want to style you.” She was like [in his best Tamar impression] “Yes, let’s make it happen [Laughter].” It happened just like that! We kept in touch and we followed each other on Twitter. We never exchanged numbers; we just kept in touch on Twitter. One day she told me to call her and she just gave me her number, I was so surprised. Again, we just kept in contact. She was doing something in New York and I called Vince and I was like, ‘Vince I would love to style Tamar.” He was like alright let’s make it happen and ever since then we just been killing it!

If the story is true about DeAndre not getting paid, it’s sad to say but it happens often in the industry. Sometimes people work for free just to prove themselves and get the job, but it comes a time when their bills start piling up and they have to EAT! There will come that moment, when they have to request compensation or a raise and it is AWKWARD, because the person they have been working for may take it the wrong way.  How do you win in this situation? Most of the time, the only option is to place that free gig on your resume and move on.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out but hopefully this beef can be settled privately. Communication over phone or in person is so much more effective than publicly shading and blasting each other on social media.

Diandre Tristan and Robin Roberts 2