Blue Ivy Sings To ‘Drunk In Love’…Cute Or Wrong?

Blue Ivy sings with Beyonce in Grammy Rehearsal 1Blue Ivy sings with Beyonce in Grammy Rehearsal

[NecoleBitchie] This is the look on Beyoncé’s face when she hears her daughter say “Mommy!!”

While Beyoncé’s super sexy “Drunk In Love” performance is still fresh on everyone’s minds, the footage from her final dress rehearsal before the show has leaked, and in it you can hear Blue Ivy singing along as her mom preps for one of the biggest nights in music.

Except for the empty chairs, and choreographer Frank Gatson standing in for Jay Z, the footage looks exactly like the performance from Grammy night, however, towards the end, you can hear little Blue Ivy’s voice come out of nowhere and she starts echoing Beyoncé singing “Surfboard.”

When Bey notices, she smiles and says, “Hi Blue Blue!,” and her baby girl repeats, “Hi mommy! Hi Mommy” which melts Beyonce’s heart.

Cutest thing ever.

Watch the clip below:
[Fast forward to 4:25]

**video may not be compatible with mobile phones**

On another note, thank God that little baby doesn’t know what “Surfboard” really means. Ironically, it may be why she is here today.