Tina Campbell regrets doing ‘Mary Mary’ season 3?

[Sister2Sister] If she had it to do over again, Tina Campbell said she would not have signed on for “Mary Mary” season 3.

“If I had known what this season was going to consist of before I started, I would have opted out,” said Tina who is an Executive Producer on the WEtv reality show.

“Life got real,” she told Wendy Williams while discussing her husband’s infidelity. Tina and sister Erica Campbell also had to deal with the passing of their father.

While some celebrities might try to hide their marital problems from fans, Tina explained why she shared the private, and painful, circumstances with viewers and fans.

“I revealed it. I don’t like being hostage to my own secrets and all that. I’ve watched people live with shame and embarrassment. I’m going to do shame for a little while, embarrassment for a little while, then I’mma get over it ‘cause life goes on,” she said.

Tina is taking a break from the duo Mary Mary now and “working through” her marriage drama, but she hasn’t completely removed herself from the gospel music world.

“It’s time to stop, recover, rest and enjoy some other element of life,” explained Tina who helped write Erica’s Grammy-nominated single.

“She’s entitled to take a break,” said Erica who’s glad her sister is cheering her on.

Mary Mary isn’t making music now, but the sisters assured fans that there’s more from the duo coming at some point.

In the meantime, Erica is enjoying a successful solo career, even though her outfits sometimes attract more attention than her music when it comes to some critics.

“I never try to sell my sexy,” she said. “The curves that God gave me seem to show when I have clothes on.”

Get a preview of the new season, premiering Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.