BUT WHY???…Tyga Drops $20,000 On Egyptian Tomb

[TMZ] Tyga doesn’t need drugs to get hieroglyphic … he just dropped $20,000 on an Egyptian-made tomb for his new L.A. store … and it’s pretty rad.

Sources tell us, Tyga spent more than $120,000 decorating the newly-opened Melrose clothing store called Last Kings — the tomb was just a drop in the bucket.

We’re told $100,000 went toward painting the place’s ceilings like the Sistine Chapel — and the remaining money went toward the tomb, as well as a bunch of other Egyptian-made Pharaoh-phernalia … like the black and gold guard statues … and sand.

Yes, Tyga actually paid to import sand from Egypt … and his store is 10 miles from the beach.

Seriously, is that necessary? I highly doubt anyone will know the difference. I truly hope his store last for a long time and makes a hell lot of money.