Kanye West Remixes ‘Drunk In Love’ About His Sex Life With Kim

[NecoleBitchie] If you thought Beyoncé and Jay Z were way too open about their sex life on “Drunk In Love,” then you might not want to hear Kanye’s input.

Spoiler alert: He gets it in.

Yeezy went full freaky with the details of his bedroom actions on the Mike Dean-produced remix of “Drunk in Love.” While Beyoncé is all about that #surfboard life, ‘Ye reveals his wifey’s more of a “reverse cowgirl” chick herself. And missionary? Not for these two!

I ain’t no pastor, don’t do missionary
I know good (p-ssy!) when I see it, I’m a visionary
I know them haters talkin’, always had us very weary
Yup! On the 35th of Neveruary
Yup! You love the way I’m turnt
After all the money you earned, still show daddy what you learned
That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl
You reverse, you reverse, and I impregnated your mouth, girl, ooooh
That’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl
We f-ckin’ all over the house, girl, we just messed up a brand new couch, girl

Referencing his girl’s booty, he also says “Let me remind you, you got a great future behind you!”


Listen below: