Is Shia LeBeouf Doing Drugs?

Someone has definitely lost the plot.

Hours after storming out of a press conference for his new movie, Nymphomaniac, at the Berlin Film Festival, Shia LaBeouf walked the red carpet for the premiere wearing a paper bag over his head.

Talk about a literal fashion statement…”I Am Not Famous Anymore” was written in large letters on the bag.

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Two holes were cut out for his eyes so at least LaBeouf knew where to turn for the photographers shouting his name.

LaBeouf’s behavior is growing more bizarre by the day.

As Radar reported, he nearly got into a fight with fans who just wanted to take his photo on Saturday.  Then on Sunday afternoon, he walked out of a press conference intended to promote his movie after talking about sardines.

He was dressed in dirty, ill-fitting clothes for the press conference but changed into a dapper tuxedo for the premiere.

At a press conference for his new movie, Nymphomaniac, in Berlin on Sunday, LaBeouf stunned his costars and the media in attendance with his appearance and a single bizarre sentence.

Missing a lower front tooth, LaBeouf arrived in dirty clothes and baseball cap, standing in stark contrast to his glamorous costars Christian Slater, Stacy Martin, Uma Thurman and Stellan Skarsgard.

Then came the question: What did LaBeouf think about doing a movie with so many sex scenes?

After a painfully long pause, LaBeouf replied:

“When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.  Thank you very much.”

He then quickly exited the room, his shocked costars looking on.

At least LaBeouf didn’t try to hit anyone.

A day earlier, he lunged at three fans trying to take his picture in the lobby of his hotel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The troubled actor’s bizarre behavior started Saturday night when three young men tried to snap a picture of him at the lounge at the Ritz-Carlton, only to have LaBeouf lunge toward them.

Several acquaintances of LaBeouf quickly intervened and defused the situation. But there’s little anyone can do to control LeBeouf, whose bizarre antics and statements, including declaring that he’s retiring from public life, don’t appear to be any closer to ending.

Also according to Hollywood Reporter:

He’s in Berlin for the world premiere of Nymphomaniac,Volume 1, and his unkempt appearance caught many of those at the Ritz off guard. Turns out the actor shaved down his tooth for Fury, David Ayer’s World War II pic that also stars Brad Pitt and recently wrapped shooting. It seems LaBeouf wanted to better replicate life on the front lines. He’s also noticeably thinner.

Last month, he got into a bar fight at a London pub, for which he quickly apologized.

The “seagulls” line is a quote from French soccer legend Eric Cantona who is featured in Ken Loach‘s Looking for Eric. The film ends with footage of Cantona at a press conference where he made the seagulls statement while the credits roll.

LaBeouf has developed a reputation for tweeting famous apologies from other celebrities after he plagiarized an apology to apologize for plagiarizing comic Daniel Clowes for his short film