Lil Za Charged With 3 Felonies

Lil Za arrested at Justin Bieber's Calabasas house

While Justin Bieber is over here licking stripper tatas, his best friend Lil Za is being charged with 3 felonies after being arrested at his house. Some friend, huh!

[GlobalGrind] It’s been over a week since Justin Bieber‘s house was raided by cops and Lil Za was arrested for allegedly possessing drugs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Lil Za will get off as easily as the Biebz has so far since he’s getting charged with three felonies! According to TMZ, Za is being charged with two counts of felony possession of a controlled substance and one for breaking a jail phone.

Authorities have also revealed that the drug charges come from cops finding both Oxycodone and Ecstasy near Za in Justin’s home.