The Game Raises Over $6,500 For 4-Year-Old Whose Mother Were Killed In A Car Crash

The Game and Aaliyah The Robin Hood Project bowling night 2 



Brittney Nickerson And Aaliyah[NecoleBitchie] Kudos to The Game. He continues to make miracles happen for those in need with his recently launched Robin Hood Project.


On Monday night, the Compton rapper and his charity foundation hosted a bowling night at Studio City’s Pinz, attended by celebs like Khloé Kardashian, Rosa Acosta and Malika Haaq. The event raised $6,636 for 4-year-old Aaliyah, whose mom – Brittney Nickerson – perished in a fiery car crash last week in Los Angeles.

On his Instagram, The Game posted the above pics of himself and Aaliyah at the event, along with the caption:

This is Aaliyah, the 4 year old daughter of @brittneybliss who died in a car crash last week along with two of her friends. Aaliyah made this box for her mother & we were able to collect $6,636 dollars at #TheRobinHoodProject Charity Bowling event last night. I really appreciate all of you who came out, supported & donated for the cause. This baby will never see her mommy again & that alone just rips my heart out being that her & my daughter are around the same age & I couldn’t begin to imagine how that would effect her. Follow @therobinhoodproject to join in & keep up with things in doing to help those in need when I can.

He also went on to explain why the story resonated with him:

Brittney’s sister @laurenmarie1202 has taken the responsibility of raising her sisters daughter which is major & very admirable so I thought it be nice to raise money on Aaliyah’s behalf to help smooth out the tough road ahead. I have a daughter & I couldn’t imagine trying to get her through the loss of her mother so this story touched my heart & I acted quickly.

I want to personally thank @morganhardman & @__trinaa for getting me in touch with Lauren & also thank everyone who came out to @therobinhoodproject charity bowling event last night & contributed to Aaliyah’s box she made for her mommy. Brittney, you are an angel now…. Fly beautiful…. & may your soul eternally rest in paradise.

Last month on The Arsenio Hall Show, Game detailed how meeting a Nigerian boy in Australia, and not being able to give him more money, kept him up for a week, thus inspiring him to come up with The Robin Hood Project.

I met a kid in Australia from Nigeria. His name was John. And if I met him anywhere in the United States, I would’ve had enough money on me to help him the way I would’ve thought he needed help. But I only had $20 in Australia on me. He told me about his family’s plight and how much it took for him and his family to get to Australia and he said it was like 20 people living in a one-bedroom apartment. So I gave him the $20 and for the next week I couldn’t sleep. So I came up with the idea for the Robin Hood Project and ever since I met John, I’ve donated $170,000 of my own money just to people. It doesn’t matter.

He also explained how he chooses who gets the donations:

There is no certain thing I donate to. If I hear a story or see something on the news, I feel compelled to reach out via Instagram or Twitter and go directly to the source. And I just give money to the parents or the family or like that and keep it rolling.

God bless him!


The Game and Aaliyah The Robin Hood Project bowling night
Guests At The Robin Hood Project bowling night


Leaux Steez, Khloe Kardashian, Malika Haaq, The Game at The Robin Hood Project bowling eventGuests At The Robin Hood Project bowling night

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