Kids Are Now Snorting ‘Smarties’ Candy

Anyone remembers the candy, “Smarties”? Well, now kids are crushing them and snorting them like its cocaine just for fun. They aren’t getting high off of them, they are just imitating other cocaine users.

Wow, kids seriously do the darnest things.

[WGNTV] A disturbing trend the kids are trying: snorting Smarties.

Thousands of YouTube videos have showed up showing kids grinding up the candy, and snorting it.

They’re laughing and egging each other one some are even doing it right there in the classroom.

They don’t think it’s risky because it’s candy and not a drug.

But, kids are getting caught and suspended from school for doing it, and doctors warn of some pretty serious risks.

They say, snorting Smarties can lead to lung irritation, infection, and even worse nasal maggots.

They’ll form right  in the nasal capacity due to leftover remnants of sugar in the nose.