Drake Didn’t Forget How To Act…He Killed It On SNL!

Drake as Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel on SNL Drake as Katt Williams on SNL Drake as Alex Rodriquez on SNL [NecoleBitchie] If you’ve ever forgotten that Drake is an actor, he served a pleasant reminder on Saturday Night Live.

Last night, he had the honor of not only being SNL‘s musical guest, but also its host for its first show of the new year. Which meant if you were a Drizzy fan, his appearance was everything! The Champagne Papi performed in damn near every sketch the variety show had to offer and still had the energy afterward to perform his hit records!

Here are our favorite three sketches that had us crying laughing:

Drake as Alex Rodriguez
During the Piers Morgan sketch, Drake played disgraced Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who was suspended in 2013 for taking steroids. With a Hispanic accent, Drake hilariously mocks the slugger by refusing to take accountability for being caught with steroids in his system. His facial expressions and mannerisms were the highlight of the segment as he delivered excuses like, “Those text messages are very misleading. Have you ever heard of autocorrect?”

Drake as Lil Wayne
In a sketch called “Before They Were Stars,” Drake plays Lil Wayne, who somehow played Steve Urkel on Family Matters before he was a rapper. The skit opens up with Eddie begging Carl to borrow the car for a dance before Lil Wayne (Drake) comes in dressed as Urkel and shoots up the place. He then delivers the famous line, “Did I do that?” [Drake also plays Jay Z later in the skit but it wasn’t as memorable. Meanwhile, Sasheer Zamata, who made her debut last night, played Rihanna as Blossom before she became famous.]

Drake as Katt Williams
Hands down the best sketch of the evening was Drake as Katt Williams on Nancy Grace’s current affairs show! As Katt, Drake offered his commentary on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and it was laugh out loud funny! He nailed the troubled comedian to the T! Hair? Outfit? Voice? Dialogue? He Did THAT! When Nancy asked Katt if he would want his cab driver or babysitter to be on pot, he responded “Nancy, I am Katt Williams. I have not been around someone who is not high on pot for the last 15 years.” He also threw her some major shade, “Nancy, somewhere out there is a man wearing nothing but a snuggie and shower shoes and he is only half as crazy as yo ass, okay?! You hear me?!”


Watch the skits below:

Drake as Katt Williams on Nancy Grace

Drake as Lil Wayne on ‘Where Are They Now’ [Also plays Jay Z]

Drake as Alex Rodriguez on Piers Morgan [SNL‘s cold open]

Bonus: Drake’s monologue, plus he reminisces on his Bar Mitzvah with a funny skit

Drake performance with Jhene Aiko