Juicy J AWARDS $50,000 TWERK Scholarship To 19-Year-Old Single Mom

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“Twerk Off” rapper Juicy J has awarded a $50,000 “twerk” scholarship to a 19-year-old Biology major from the State College of Florida. Find out what set the winner apart from the “twerkers” inside….

A few months ago, rapper Juicy J raised a few eyebrows when he announced a $50,000 scholarship inspired by the “twerking” craze. Naturally….there were tons of applicants, who sent in videos of themselves twerking, and now 19-year Biology major Zaire Holmes has emerged as the winner.

But it’s not what you may think.

What’s interesting about the winner, who attends the State College of Florida, is that she was the only applicant who DID NOT twerk. For those applicants who read the rules, is was clearly stated that you DID NOT have to twerk in order to win the money. Zaire, a single mother, said, “A lot of people thought that you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules.”

Juicy J chimed in, “It’s not always about shaking you’re a$$. Next time I send out a tweet about a scholarship, make sure you take it seriously. Read the words.”
Reading is fundamental.


Watch the scholarship presentation here: