Meet Ludacris Secret Baby Mama Tameka Fuller

[HipHopGossipSite] Hey there everyone!! Meet Tameka Fuller, better known to the world as the woman Ludacris cheated on Eudoxie with who is now his baby mama!!

Tameka Fuller gave birth to Ludacris’ daughter, Cai Bella Bridges, on December 9th. As I’m sure you all know, Ludacris has been in a long term relationship with fiance, Eudoxie. No word yet on whether or not Ludacris and Eudoxie are still together. I’m going to assume that the two are probably working things out.

However, if you thought Tameka Fuller was just some random chick Ludacris decided to get with…..think again!

Find out who she is when you click on that “Read More” button below:

According to, Tameka Fuller and Ludacris were class mates at Benjamin Banneker High School in Atlanta. Soooooo, Tameka Fuller is no stranger!!

This is someone Ludacris knew and went ahead with the love affair anyway with. As for Eudoxie, I’m dying to hear what she has to say…or is thinking about this whole situation right now!

What do you think she would say? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!