Look What Jason Derulo Got His Girlfriend Jordan Sparks

[GossipGirl] Christmas and New Year’s is the season to find a brand new engagement ring on your finger, and no doubtJordin Sparks assumed she’d find such a bauble on her hand courtesy of her BF, Jason Derulo. The two havebeen dating since 2012 and they did star as soon-to-be husband and wife in their video which was titled “Marry Me,” so clearly an engagement ring was coming Jordin’s way…right?

No, darlings. Not so much.

But while Jason didn’t put a jillion-carat ring under Jordin’s tree, he did put something else that’s just as luxe, but a bit bigger than a diamond. Much bigger. Much much bigger…

jordin sparks car gift jason derulo

That’s right, on Dec 29, JD gave JS a shiny new BMW which cost upwards of $80,000.

“I still can’t believe it! He surprised me on Christmas but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming before I posted it! ha! Thank you so much @jasonderulo! I love you baby! Omg omg omg.,” Jordin gushed.

Jason Derulo Jordin Sparks 2013 MTV Music Awards


Hmm…I wonder if this gift is Jason’s attempt to pump the brakes (pardon the pun) on getting hitched.

Tell me minions, if you were Jordin, would you be thrilled or secretly a little disappointed that your big holiday prezzie goes in the garage–not on your finger?