And The Drama Begins: Aubrey O’Day & D. Woods Exchange Words

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Earlier this year, when Danity Kane announced they were reuniting, we were all excited to see the girls back together again after so many years, but it was hard not to notice that they were missing a member — D. Woods.  At first D. seemed fine with the ladies getting together without her, and even said that she had a lot of other projects going on which would conflict with her joining the group again, but now the real tea is starting to spill.

After Danity Kane performed their first show together in LA to rave reviews, TMZ caught up with D. Woods and she revealed that she had wanted to be a part of the reunion but the girls moved on without her:

On why she was left out of the reunion
I found out about the Danity Kane reunion the same way everyone else did, on line and on TMZ. I was in rehearsal for a major production in Atlanta and heard they had a lunch in LA and I wasn’t invited. As you know its been 5 years and we all have been involved with projects to continue our careers when there was no communication or desire to reunite during that time. But when trying to explore options on how to reunite with them and honor prior commitments I was met with resistance and they chose to move on without me. I have always left the door open to considering the reunion.

On if she regrets her decision after they finally performed the other night
Based off of the information I was given, or lack there of, there’s nothing to regret when a decision is being made for me.

On how they were able to use the Danity Kane name
All five of members have always been and still are equal part owners in the name Danity Kane. Still having ties to the name and trade mark, when I was presented an opportunity for all five members for a TV show and tour, I shared that with the group’s manager. However, I was told they wanted to continue using the name as four. So we will see.

On if she had words for the ladies as they try to make a comeback
Our fans don’t have to pick sides. I’ve always wished you well and would love you to support me the same way. Thanks for your time and interest.

Meanwhile, Aubrey O’Day wasn’t feeling what D. Woods had to say to TMZ and hopped on Instagram to throw shade. She wrote:  “Do you spend your time taking interviews, or do you work?, and D. Woods clapped back, “That was cute @aubreyoday my attorney will be coming for my cut off that WORK #stillusingmyvocals.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 10.56.33 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 10.56.13 AMA friend of D. Woods Mr. L Davis also posted the real deal on his website of how the reunion came about, while saying that D. Woods initially said she was busy with solo projects as “damage control” because the other ladies didn’t want her in the group anymore.

I want to start with the production deal. Dwoods was working with this company in hopes of securing her own situation, once rumors started to swirl about a Danity Kane reunion that company approached her and was like, we can guarantee a tour, and television show for Danity Kane, but only if all five members sign on. The project she was working on by herself was tentative, but the deal offered to Danity Kane was definitive. So basically they were ready to green light a Danity Kane project, but “work on” a Dwoods project. Anybody knows that as a group they are more marketable and can make more money together, as five, than any of them solo.

When D brought this deal to their Manager Johnny Wright, he advised her that the group was not interested and that they wanted her to sign over her rights to Danity Kane. The girls, all five, have always owned the name and business Danity Kane. Although Dawn created the name, Dawn was not in the group alone. Dawn did not create the music alone. Danity Kane until this day is owned by all five original members. All of them, including dwoods, owing the same amount of shares.

As far as Dwoods saying she was “busy” which is why she didn’t join them, its called damage control. its like this you have a group of friends who are invited to a party and you aren’t. so when people ask you why you weren’t there you’re like “oh i had better things to do”. And although Dwoods did have other projects she was contractually obligated to fulfill, she never once told those girls no. But when they decided to move on without her what was she suppose to say?

If they really wanted dwoods to be a part of it they would have contacted her and said “Hey D when will you be done with your outstanding projects so we can set a date for all of us to reunite” that didn’t happen. Although they let Aubrey release “Between Two Evils” and Dawn “Goldheart” nobody rushed them through their project so its unfair for them to rush her. Not to mention I don’t know why Dawn is speaking on dwoods willingness to reunite or not seeing as though Dwoods and Dawn have not talked in about 4-5 years.

Until this day, you can google articles like the one below where dwoods says that “”If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again.”

Its funny how they can shade someone who was a founding member of their group, yet turn around and use all of her vocals during their reunion show. If you listen to them perform show stopper at the reunion show, you hear nothing but dwoods, and she wasn’t even there.

Also many will ask why I go so hard, not only is she a friend of mine. But she went through a very grueling process to be a part of this group, as all 5 of them did. Its unfair that she is being shaded publicly by the same girls she once shared the stage with. Even if Dwoods did decide not to go back why say “dwoods who” and act like you don’t know who she is yet use her vocals in a reunion show that you didn’t invite her to be a part of?

Crazy thing is Dwoods still today says if their was a plan of action set in place she’d be down to reunite with them. But Dawn Richard and the Danity Kane’s aren’t having it.