The REAL Reasons FLOTUS Was Throwing Shade At Obama’s Selfie


Barack Obama selfie michelle Nelson Mandela

[GlobalGrind] Today, President Barack Obama took a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s official memorial service in South Africa. The world went wild. And yes, that is news.

To be honest, it was less about the selfie, snapped with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt‘s phone, than the chain reaction caused after that selfie. And if the picture above is any indication, well, the reaction we’re referring to is all in First Lady Michelle Obama’s face.

Let’s face it, we can all literally feel the shade oozing from the picture. It’s real. Like…damn. Michelle is NOT impressed. She’s clearly upset that Obama is schmoozing with that blonde lady with the cameraphone.


Wrong. Twitter and media outlets claiming that Obama’s in the doghouse for flirting with Thorning-Schmidt may have been mistaken. FLOTUS could care less about Obama and his selfie. You just don’t understand her bitchy-resting face. It’s just her face. And she’s actually happy:


But playing devil’s advocate, let’s just say she was annoyed at the service. If it wasn’t because of “selfie-gate,” maybe it was because…

It was raining. And she had to move her head towards Obama so her perfect blow-out wouldn’t frizz up, not because she needed to see what he was doing with Thorning-Schmidt.