Kanye West Goes In At Power 105.1 Breakfast Club

Kanye West with the Breakfast Club

And the moment that urban radio has been waiting for…

[Necole Bitchie] Kanye stopped by The Breakfast Club earlier today and went head-t0-head with Charlamagne while continuing his rant against corporations and not being given the opportunities that he feels he is entitled to with high end designers.  Throughout the interview, Kanye continuously compared himself to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs while claiming that he’s the Tupac of product. “You gon see I’m better than Ralph Lauren, you gon see, that I’m gonna be bigger than H&M. Bigger than Louis Vuitton.

Meanwhile, Charlamagne continued to challenge him throughout the interview by pegging him a walking contradiction for denouncing corporations and then asking them to back him.  He also asked Kanye why he talks about money so much. “I used to look at you like a real revolutionary.  Revolutionaries don’t need money to change the world.  Malcolm X wasn’t rich, Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t rich. I don’t understand why everything is so much about money.

Aside from Kanye coming across as someone who has serious entitlement issues, one thing that was very surprising was Kanye’s reception to Charlamagne’s criticism.  Aside from a few deep sighs, he explained himself in a very mature manner without getting upset and he smiled a lot during the interview while stating that he came to The Breakfast Club because he wanted to hear the truth. He said, “It was a dream for me to have this opportunity to come and talk to y’all.”    He also explained that he refers to his rants as visionary streams of consciousness, and he finally revealed why he chose to go with Jay Z when Roc-A-Fella split, even though it was Dame Dash who believed in him and gave him his deal.

Catch a few things we learned from Kanye’s interview below:

1.) He believes Kim Kardashian is the new Marilyn Monroe
I have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi but actually I love them because they are empowering us.  They are empowering us over Graydon Carter or Vanity Fair that wanna say Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Upton ain’t Marilyn Monroe, Kim is Marilyn Monroe, you know that.

2.) He may not know that he is a walking contradiction.
[When Charlamagne asked him why he goes on rants about corporations but still wants to work with them, he responded:]
It ain’t that I feel like a slave, we are mentally enslaved. We enslaved to brands. We are enslaved to the Benz symbol. We are enslaved to chains. A woman is enslaved to the concept of “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Girls in London don’t even wear engagement rings, that has all been programmed into us. When we are born, we are born artists, we are born free, and then we hail down at society’s perception of us. We just don’t want to be embarrassed.

And I took the opportunity to look as stupid as possible. When I was in Chicago, on “Watch the Throne,” I was gonna change my outfit to some normal leather pants, and one was too tight, the next one ripped on me, and I was thinking God was like, ‘Nah man! You can’t be scared in Chicago because there is a bunch of gangsters and this is where you grew up. I want you to wear that kilt in Chicago. I want you to release that fear. I want you to show as an artist that you can create to the highest level.’

3.) He’s turning up so that baby North can be great when she’s older
My daughter is in a position of a level of royalty like the prince and princess in London. They just got more paper, more heritage. Me and Kim on our grind. We had to do what we have to do to support our family but we aren’t there yet. We ain’t financially there to the point where we feel like North is safe at all times and that’s the reason I’m turning up right now.

4.) Although Dame was the one who believed in him, he went with Jay when the company split because Jay was nicer
With Dame, his truth was more accurate and closer to what mine was, but his technique was harsh for me as a young kid and I felt a little bit more pressure, whereas Jay Z was a nice guy. And also, I felt like I had that truth that Dame has in ‘em, we the same. I wanted to learn this technique that Jay got of actually being likable. When I was doing ‘Watch The Throne,’ one of the main reasons why I did it was to learn Jay’s techniques of how he talked to people. I be talking to people the wrong way sometimes, I be rubbing them the wrong way. Jay Z knows how to move in a room full of vultures and as his little brother, I needed to learn that technique because I got something that God want me to give the world. I’m only doing one percent of the work or else he would have killed me in that car accident, or else I wouldn’t have came back from Taylor Swift, or I would have ended up with someone who wants me for my money versus someone who buys me something for my birthday.

5.) He thinks he’ll be Dame and Kim will be Jay if they ever broke up

Dame created a family at Rocawear. A family for these young boys in the hood, to do a clothing line. This whole time, he was fighting for Jay, he was fighting for Jay and he’s the one that got ousted. I’m in the fashion world fighting for Kim. If we were to break up, I’d be the one that’s looked at as an a$$hole. I’d be the Dame of the situation and she’d be the Jay in the situation.

Kanye and Charlamagne BC interview

6.) Kanye believes he needs money to have a voice
Charlamagne: Why do you talk so much about money?I used to look at you like a real revolutionary. Revolutionaries don’t need money to change the world. Malcolm X wasn’t rich, Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t rich. I don’t understand why everything is so much about money.

: You need product. You need something to have a voice.

Charlamagne: But you already got a voice. When you got on stage and said ‘George Bush doesn’t like black people’ you were using your voice. You don’t need to own something to have a voice.

Kanye: I can use my voice but what happens if y’all don’t buy anymore albums? People will say he was like Arsenio Hall and he’s turning up too much so now you are fired, but when you got money, can’t nobody fire you.

Charlamagne: You know what makes me buy your albums? The great music you produce. You know what not makes me buy your albums? This new narcissistic, egotistical personality you got. That’s what turns me off. It makes me say, ‘I’m not going to his show, I don’t want to hear him rant, I’m not buying his records.’

Kanye: Your last name is ‘Tha God’ right? Anybody that’s a God can recognize a God right?

Charlamagne: And Gods have to keep other Gods on point, right?

Kanye: Keep me on point brotha.

7.)  He believes he needs a lot more money and backing to make the impact

Kanye:  People say you can do it on your own, but it’s industries. These industries have been set up like the coal industry, like the music industry, like the newspaper industry…clothing, manufacturing, electricity. There’s something different to the way these billionaires run the world and we are not a part of that. We’ve only been let in on a communication level. It’s a new form of cotton that we all picking. You communicate in radio every day. I’m communicating in music every day. But what I’m trying to tell y’all is ain’t none of us free. Ain’t none of us billionaires. Billionaires, they don’t care.

Charlamagne: You ain’t have to be a billionaire to be free Ye. Stop equating freedom to money my brotha. Where did that mentality come from? Why are you equating freedom to money? Money is not what makes us free as people.

Kanye: They would like us to think that we are free, but we’re completely controlled. We’re controlled by a Nike sign, we’re controlled by peer pressure. We’re controlled by the longing for a particular car set at a high price. Why do Benzes cost so much? […]The reason why they want that so much is because they take the creatives from St. Martins mostly where [Ricardo Tisci, Phoebe Philo, Alexander McQueen] came from. And all those guys go and work at Louis Vuitton like Marc Jacobs, they work at Givenchy, they work at different places. They make that stuff that’s so good, that that’s what we want the most. So basically, the most talented people that are making visuals and making apparel are put in a luxury box by a small group of billionaires and made us wish to desire LV and fight amongst ourselves and walk around with a bag and stuff. What I’m saying is what I learned at this point from being in Paris where I said I wanted to Mandela the buildings, I wanted to go inside Louis Vuitton stores and start ripping stuff down. But what I did is I kept it safe. I just made ‘New Slaves’ and I put it on the side of the buildings. I went from not only the mental slavery that I’ve experienced with clothing — because I like a Balenciaga sneaker because it’s designed better — and then it’s kids out there buying $1,000 sneakers, spending a month’s worth of pay because I wore it and it makes ‘em feel like that’s what they need to have in the club.

Charlamagne: But you do know that slaves in the 1800s didn’t have a choice. You don’t have to be in this industry.

Kanye: Well this is my choice.

8.) He is open to constructive criticism
I’m turned up all day. I’m growing. I’m learning because I’m still mentally chained. I’mma grow from this interview. I’ve been so excited! I’ve been waiting for this interview! I want you to tell me everything that I’m doing wrong in front of everybody so that I can improve that.

9.) He knew “Bound 2″ wasn’t a great video.

Kanye says: Oh, I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video. I wanted it to look as phony as possible. I wanted the clouds to go in one direction, the mountains to go in another direction. I wanted the horses to go over there, because I wanted to show you that this is ‘The Hunger Games.’ I want to show you that this is the type of imagery that’s being presented to all of us. And the only difference is a black dude in the middle of it. […] The thing is, I don’t have a problem with looking stupid.

10.) He’s learning to deal with paparazzi because they help his influence

Kanye says: I’m learning how to balance [my relationship with the paparazzi] — this is space that I’m in. This level of fame and just being like, just a black man in America in an interracial relationship with a lot of creative dreams compressed by the idea of what celebrities are supposed to do at all times, and getting in trouble all the time on the media just for being true. This is like, outer space. This is like, my first time in space. For the most part, when people don’t like me it’s ’cause I said the truth.

11.) He truly believes that he and Kim are more relevant than the Obamas
I said we’re more relevant. Don’t nobody care about what Obama wearing. [Charlamagne: That’s not true! Every time Michelle wears something it’s in Vogue or something.] Yeah, do you care about Vogue? Do you read that? You care about the sweatshirt I got on because I know you like, ‘That sweatshirt rocks!’ You know what I’m saying? All I’m saying is, I only care about God and my family. I don’t care what position anybody got. You are either helping me or hurting me.

12.) He believes it’s Drake’s season
It’s Drake season now. You’ve seen Jay have his season, you’ve seen Kanye have his season, and now it’s Drake season. That’s the reality but I got a season and it’s product. I’m the Tupac of product. You gon see I’m better than Ralph Lauren, you gon see, that I’m gonna be bigger than H&M. Bigger than Louis Vuitton.

13.) He’s 10 years ahead mentally
People looked at that interview from 10 years ago and said, ‘I loved him back then.’ People didn’t love it back then though. I was speaking to the future. I’m 10 years ahead mentally and I’m trapped in today’s time. Every now and then, I’ll crack you a smile for 2013, but I’m cracking you a frown for 2023 and I’m focused on what it’s gonna be. Just mark my words. You’ve seen my execution. Did I not become the biggest rock star on the planet? Did I not influence all musicians? Did I not go and get the exact girl that I wanted? Did I not start my family? Did I not go ruffle the feathers of two presidents? Did I not get the chance to work with my idol? Did I not make Louis Vuittons? Did people not line up at the Yeezus store?

14.) He doesn’t care about being called “Donkey Of The Day”
I don’t care about being ‘Donkey Of The Day’, it brings relevance. I might not have the song of the day but I got ‘Donkey Of The Day.’

15.) He doesn’t care about being called “Kanye Kardashian”
Man, I’m gonna tell you something, at nighttime when I go to bed with my girl, I would change my last name.

Watch the interview below:

Click here to watch the interview, aired 10 years ago, that he referenced in the interview.