Jennifer Lopez Pays Tribute To Celia Cruz At AMAs

Jennifer Lopez

[Hollywood Life] Jennifer, 44, honored Celia Cruz with a spicy mashup of her iconic songs! She turned the stage into a total dance party. Surrounded by sexy Latin dancers, Jennifer fit flawlessly into the dance performance as she twirled, shimmied, and flipped along with the dancers.

“[Celia’s] music was full of work and energy, it fills your soul and in your bones when you listen to it, you can’t help but dance, I feel like she made the world dance,” Jennifer told The Associated Press about Celia’s work.

Jennifer showed off some of the quickest costume changes ever — she showed off three distinct, vibrant looks to transition between dance-worthy songs!

JLo definitely captured a bit of Celia’s energy in her performance — and introduced Celia to a whole new bunch of fans!

“I know that a lot of fans who will watch the show will know who she was, but we will also educate a lot of people reminding them of the impact she had in the music scene, not just in Latin American countries, but also in the United States,” JLo told AP.