Lamar Says He Was Drunk And NOT High In Rap Video

We were left confused and a bit shocked yesterday when TMZ released a bizarre video of Lamar Odom“freestyling” and now the baller is clearing things up… kinda.

It turns out, the NBA star has told friends that he was just drunk in the video of him with his pal Jamie.

TMZ reports:

Lamar told friends he’s seen the video we posted on TMZ, showing him slurring his words in an L.A. bathroom as he rapped with his fellow shirtless friend Jamie Sangouthai.

Lamar says it was a one time deal and NO drugs were involved — he was specific about 2 drugs he’s had problems with — crack and coke.

The site also reports that Lam Lam is currently off the drugs and training at the University of Rhode Island.

Still, there’s no explanation for the line where he raps about stepping out on his wife Khloe Kardashian on the “down low”.

Hopefully it was all just a little embellishing for the camera?

SOURCE: TMZ/Global Grind