Kevin Hart’s Ex Wife Torrei Talks About His Sex Skills

Kevin Hart and his ex-wife Torrei have been separated for over 3 years now and officially divorced since 2011, but they’ve never been two to hold back about the details of their relationship in public.

While Kevin is known for using his former marriage as material in his comedy sketches, Torrei, who is a rising comedic actress in her own right, recently had a quick chat with After Buzz TV and addressed the topic of her portrayal on Real Husbands of Hollywood, among other things.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On the woman who plays Kevin’s ex-wife on RHOH:
“Well for one I told them, I said, “you could’ve used my real name,” but of course for legal reasons, they didn’t wanna use the real name. But, it’s Torrei [laughs]..Torrie Hart and not “Bridget.” But you know, she’s funny! It’s great TV and you know you have to enhance stuff for TV.”

On the crazy things Kevin’s ex-wife does on the show:
Have I done crazy things? Sure, of course I was married to Kevin, of course I’ve done crazy things. We’ve both done crazy things. And women, we always do crazy things.

Kevin is pretty fortunate to have an ex-wife with such a great sense of humor who is able to laugh all of this off, right?

Torrei also spoke on what it was that drove her to do “crazy things” while she was married to Kevin….like the fact that he put down some serious D in the bedroom. Check out what she had to say about that next.

On what drove her to do crazy things while married to Kevin:
If [women] don’t do crazy things, you not putting’ it down right. So, if you’re woman has never done nothing crazy, you better find out why not. But, it’s a great show and I like the character. It’s fine with me.

If he’s puttin it down, then you’re going to do something crazy. You don’t want nobody else gettin’ that. And he was…he did. I mean, that’s why I gave him two beautiful children and married his behind.

This is my opinion: you marry people because there’s a great relationship but if the sex is not great then, I’m sorry, that plays a big part. And if you have great communication then you have great sex….and then you’re gonna work together to make that money.