Kanye West Paparazzi Beat Down Is A Rumor!

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According to the popular website LiveLeak posted a video of Kanye beating up a group of paparazzi in Austin Texas earlier today. Unfortunately, it was not Yeezus in this fight.

Acoording to Necole Bitchie, there are a few things things that are dead giveaways as to why the man in the video is not Kanye:

1) Kanye is not in Austin. He was just in New York performing for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday and there is photographic evidence of him arriving in Los Angeles yesterday.

2) Judging from recent photos, Kanye has been wearing the same pair of ripped stone washed jeans for the past few weeks, and the man in the video is wearing skinnies. Not to mention, in the still shots, it’s quite evident that the man’s body shape is different.

3) The men in question are supposed to be paparazzi but there is no camera equipment in sight.

View the video below!