Peter Gunz Admits To Cheating To Get On TV + The Two Women Reaction


Peter Gunz appeared on Sway In The Morning recently to answer all the big questions including Sway’s first one: “My dude, what the hell were you thinking??”

Via VH1 reports:

Peter wouldn’t give too much away regarding where his love triangle is headed, because that would give some of the season four plot away, but he did admit “I’ve always had a problem being loyal.” He explains that he felt like his relationship with Tara was winding down and he knew she was going to find out about Amina, and he was broke and needed the paycheck. “I was gonna get busted anyway…Let me get paid to get busted. F— it.” Peter details his financial woes as his motivation for signing on to the show, and admits that in general, this situation is not something he’s proud of. With regard to Tara, he says his own mother adores her but he hasn’t spoken to her much recently and lamented “Tara is dope. That’s my loss…She don’t deserve that. I regret that more than anything.”

Peter and Sway later called up Tara, to whom Peter had not spoken since the premiere, and asked what it was like watching Peter and Amina kissing on the first episode. “I was a little bit disgusted at that, I can’t lie ” she says. “I mean, I’m sorry, I was 125,000% disgusted with that.”

“If it could work out, would you…want to work it out [with Peter]?” Sway asks her. “I want to take this time to work on myself,” Tara says, but she also tells Sway “There is nothing that can repair the damage that this has caused.” Both Peter and Tara hint that there are big relationship developments yet to be seen throughout the season, so we’re just going to have to tune it.


Amina and Tara reactions to the premiere.

Amina:  It was just like… Wow! I was really looking at myself a little disappointed in a way because I look kinda bad you know? I know people [are] saying all the negative stuff about me right now… I just hope that in the following episodes I want everyone to stay tuned and watch what’s coming up because it’s really going to show what’s really going on.

Tara:  I was like ‘Gawd dang!’ I ain’t know all of that! You know what? I knew coming into this that there would be some things that I would find out that I didn’t know. I did not know the severity of some of those things. So I’m a little shocked. But I’m human. I’m a woman. I love this man. I’m hurt. But you know–I will find the strength and courage to get through it.

On Peter Gunz

Amina:  I hate talking bad about him and throwing him under the bus, that’s not what I’m trying to do but EVERYBODY knows, and he would tell you himself [that] he always had a bunch of women-

-And that was okay with you?

-Not with me! Not that I know of. That’s another thing. I’ve been with him for a year and half now but him and Tara have been together much longer than that. And I’ve known Peter the time that he… [hesitates] I’ve always known him with ‘other women.’ I didn’t know he was in a serious relationship with Tara because he was acting like a single man. He was always with somebody else. So that’s all I knew. And then when I [started] dated him, what he told me was, that you know–that his [baby’s] mother and him were breaking up. He was living there. And I knew about [it]. So yeah, [Tara] keeps saying ‘I knew, I knew, I knew,’ yeah I knew that he was living [with Tara] but from what he told me it was like they were at the end of the road and they were breaking up and that the only reason he’s not leaving is because of the kids.

Tara: I didn’t even know they were dealing with each other! I mean, I found out throughout the show. When [Amina] talks about this marriage, there are little nuances and complexities that she can’t even talk about which bothers me as to why she flaunts [the marriage] so freely. So she should be, I feel like, a little honest with herself.

On whether Amina and Peter are legally married:

Amina: Absolutely we’re married! Documents, papers and everything!

Tara: There is definitely paperwork! But she needs to be honest. If she’s honest with herself she wouldn’t flaunt it. And I don’t want to call her out because it’s not my place but she needs to be honest.

There are a lot of little nuances that she needs to be honest with herself with. That’s what bothers me about [Amina] flaunting it. Is that she is not able to be honest 110 percent as to why this marriage exists.

On Peter being willing to leave his family for Amina

Amina: It’s bad. Because I know how hard it is on him. He feels extremely bad and that’s why he didn’t show up tonight [to the premiere]. He still feels really bad about marrying me without her knowing. It’s kind of a bad thing. Everyone would agree. Who does that? He’s still with [Tara]. They have two children and he just marries me. So it is f-cked up.

Tara: Infidelities are just disgusting! They’re disgusting unless all parties are involved if you ask me and we can all be disgusting together. But it’s even more disgusting when you’ve been faithful for 13 years and you find out that someone hasn’t given you that [trust], or just being honest about perhaps they weren’t happy or they’re not getting what they need. Just whatever it is–you know? Just being honest so that I can make better choices for myself. Maybe I wouldn’t have given him 13 years had I known this is [his] capabilities. But at the end of the day, I loved him not knowing these things. And so, now, it’s just, about picking up the pieces no matter what. And moving on.

On if Peter is living with Amina or Tara

Amina: He absolutely does not live with her. He does however spend a lot of time there because of the kids. He does go over there every day. Every single day he’s over there. And I know about it. And I have to be cool with it. Because like I said, I never wanted to take him away from his children. I would never want to do that…That’s his kids. And they are everything to him. And that’s something that I love about him. So yes, he spends a lot of time over there. Still to this day.

But what it really is–he’s brought all of his stuff to my house. And we’re moving together. And anything else ya’ll need to know, ya’ll gonna have to watch to see what happens!

Tara: For the most part, Peter has always come home every night…It’s not like, you know, I’m constantly looking for him. He’s always there!

On what’s next

Tara: Peter and I are going through a breakup. I feel like relationships are built in levels and they’re broken up in levels. Especially when you have children. You walk away from a situation but you still have to deal with this person. Especially someone like me who doesn’t have family [in New York], I still depend on him with our children, pick up our boys–to do a lot of things. But that’s something that I’m learning. The fear of walking away and the fear of doing everything on my own , I guess, is not going to stop me from doing that. But you know–it’s something that’s happening in levels.

Amina: People compare Peter to Stevie [J] all the time, already. Even though tonight was the first episode. But he’s just completely opposite of Stevie so I don’t like when they’re being compared. But I get it! I want everyone to stay tuned and watch what’s coming up because it’s really going to show what’s really going on!

Source: Necole Bitchie/ Bossip