Pauly D Has A Baby + Baby Pic And Name




[TMZ] Meet the new princess of Jersey … Pauly D‘s 5-month-old baby girl, Amabella.

We broke the story … Pauly D hooked up with a chick he met in Vegas in the Fall, 2012 … and this is what happened.

Pauly has already taken a DNA test which pretty much conclusively proved he’s the daddy … so Maury, stand down.

As for the name … Amabella means lovable in French.

She was born on May 15 and, based on the pic obtained by TMZ, already needs a haircut … just like her daddy.




“The baby’s mother chose the moniker for the little bundle of joy, who is mom’s second child,” a source close to Pauly told the site.

Amabella’s mother is an “Atlantic City, N.J. woman— whom [Pauly] met while DJing in Las Vegas,” reported In Touch. Amabella lives with her mother in New Jersey. “[They] didn’t have a previous relationship,” a source close to Pauly told E! News about Pauly and his daughter’s mom. “But the new dad is hoping to develop a relationship with her. [He] wasn’t exactly planning for it to happen this way. But God works in mysterious ways.”

Even though the baby came as a surprise to Pauly, he was still so happy to welcome the little bundle of joy into his life.

“I’m proud I’m a father,” he told TMZ. “I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.”