Diddy’s Little Girls Rip The Runway This Weekend

According to DailyMail, it takes a lot to make Diddy gush, but his three daughters clearly have the key to his heart.

The hop hop star formally know as Puff Daddy showed he was a real father figure on Saturday as he proudly watched his three seven-year-old daughters walk the catwalk at the Swarovski and Ooh! La, La! fashion show in New York City.

‘Words can’t explain how proud I am of my young ladies! There’s no greater feeling,’ he happily tweeted after daughter Chance and twins Jessie and D’Lila – who are half-siblings – stole the show.


Chance Combs takes the spotlight on Saturday


Earlier the notorious playboy wrote: ‘My 3 little super models #ProudDad …I’m really in trouble! No for real. No dating till you’re 25!!!’

All born in 2006, the twins’ are Sean Comb’s daughters by ex-girlfriend Kim Porter – also the mother of son Chirstian – while Chance was born to Sarah Chapman and Diddy took legal responsibility for her a year later.

Diddy has two sons, Justin, 20, by high school sweetheart Misa Hylton-Brim, and 13-year-old Christian.

While Diddy wore a white shirt with a black pattern that looked to be piano keys on the front, his daughters were delightful in pretty dresses.

One twin wore pink and the other was in a matching design of pale blue, and Chance was equally as cute in a black and white frilly dress.

For another trip down the catwalk, all of the little divas wore black dresses embellished with gold jewelry and leopard print cat ears.