Jason Kidd, Brooklyn Nets Head Coach, Has Been Suspended.

After pleading guilty, Brooklyn Nets head coach, Jason Kidd has been suspended for two days.

According to ESPN:

Kidd will miss the team’s regular-season opener on Oct. 30 in Cleveland, as well as its home-opener on Nov. 1 against Miami. Kidd will make his regular-season coaching debut Nov. 3 in Orlando. Lead assistant coach Lawrence Frank will likely serve as the head coach of the team until Kidd’s suspension ends. The league precedent is a two-game suspension for pleading guilty to DWI-related charges, so the suspension was expected. “The decision is consistent with what the league has done in the past and we look forward to Jason leading our team versus Orlando and the rest of the year,” Nets general manager Billy King said in a statement. 

According to Hip Hop Wires, Jason Kidd celebrated signing with the New York Knicks by engaging in a series of bad decisions which commenced with being arrested for drunk driving, early Sunday (July 15). Like any athlete looking to bring down his (somewhat) upstanding public image Kidd was relentless in his efforts to make sure that his night ended in the most embarrassing way possible: by being carried out of the club. One would assume that not being able to control your own two feet would deter a forward-thinking individual from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle—but Jason Kidd doesn’t subscribe to a lifestyle of restraint. Rather than get a ride, Kidd drove himself, and was reportedly so wasted when driving down New York’s Suffolk Court lane, that he had no idea how his car ended up wrapped around a power pole. Once questioned by police Kidd said “I had a few drinks. I’m the driver,” as if it wasn’t already evident. From there he was transported to a local hospital before being taken into custody.  In show of sheer irony, the 39-year-old was expected to be a mentor to newcomers on the Knicks like Jeremy Lin—who has since accepted an offer from the Houston Rockets. Surely he’s not the only one on the team who has made mistakes, but perhaps Kidd should seek guidance rather than give any out.