Baltimore Ravens Coach Speaks About Party Bus Brawl

092313_ravens_presser_launch[TMZ] Jacoby Jones and Bryant McKinnie better like milk bones — their coach just made it clear that they’re in his doghouse for the party bus brawl that went down early this morning.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh addressed the incident during a news conference … saying the fight was, “Not something we wanna be known for. Not something those guys wanna be known for.”

Harbaugh said all the players involved were at practice today, and they all got chewed out. Coach says he told them, “What do you wanna be known for? You wanna be known as a football player or you wanna be known for that?

He added, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

That depends on your perspective. As we told you … there was at least one stripper on the bus.

Baltimore Raven Speech About Brawl