Fashion Week: Korto Momolu


Project Runway Alumni first runner-up, Korto Momolu, debuted her Spring/Summer 2014 Collection “Enchanted Fantasy” on Sunday, September 8th 2013 at Helen Mills.  Among the attendees were VIP guests: Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter, Shontelle; Supermodel, Sessilee Lopez; Singer Gary Michael Houston; and Actress, Elise Neal.

[PR Log] Momolu had the idea of personifying “good verses evil”, in her Enchanted Fantasy, themed collection. She was successful in featuring this idea by using bold colors, prints, and textures to the pieces.  She did this while also incorporating monochromatic black pieces in some of her designs; adding drama to the visual spectrum of the collection as a whole.  The use of silk organza, lace, leather, feathers, beads, and silk were present in Momolu’s elegant evening gowns, tops, and cocktail dresses. These materials allowed Momolu’s collection to come to life and explore the Enchanted Fantasy, she desired.   There were true distinctions with the use of color, and fabric; clearly portraying the “good verses evil” theme.

View images from the event below.

Images: Shanise Webley

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