Charlamagne Gets At Hot 97 For Interviewing Mr. Cee & Gives “Donkey of the Day” To Homophobia.


As I reported earlier this week, Mister Cee has resigned from Hot 97. Charlamange from Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club addresses the real matters that drove Mister Ceehis resignation: homophobia and sex addiction.

Instead of bringing Mister Cee down, Charlamagne begged him to get help for his own issues and insecurities and blasted the public for the homophobia that keeps people in public roles in the closet. He later called out Hot 97 for exploiting Mister Cee’s situation for ratings by doing an interview.

Lastly, Charlamagne revealed that Power 105.1 had “the tape” for over a week but choose not to air it because they didn’t want to play right into the homophobia or exploit Mister Cee.