“Worst Twerk Fail Ever” is a HOAX!!!

jk twerk

It all started when a video posted to YouTube titled “Worst Twerk Fail Ever-Girl Catches Fire!” This video quickly went viral last week. In the 36-second clip, a young woman accidentally sets herself on fire while twerking in her living room.

The video became an instant hit, scoring more than 9 million views on YouTube. Numerous TV news outlets and talk shows aired the video.

On Monday night, the woman who caught fire in the video, named “Caitlin,” made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss the viral clip. At first, it seemed she was speaking to the late night host via video chat from Kansas City, Mo., until Kimmel revealed that “Caitlin” was actually inside the Hollywood studio.

Kimmel then aired an unseen portion of the fire video, where he can be seen sporting the same pink shirt as “Caitlin” while extinguishing her burning clothes.

Turns out, “Caitlin” is actually a professional stunt-woman named Daphne Avalon.