Helen Yarmak “Fur Sensation” Spring/Summer 2014

Helen Yarmak presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection “Fur Sensation” on September 9th, 2014 at her exclusive penthouse showroom suite in the Crown Building in NYC during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The show was styled by Patricia Field.

Helen Yarmak collection inspiration was drawn from sensational patterns and color wich is brought through her designs. infused throughout are checkerboard, stripes, and color blocking. Additional furs are mink, fox, lamb, and ermine.

Below are images from her event.

HelenYarmak_QuiTV2 HelenYarmak_QuiTV3 HelenYarmak_QuiTV4 HelenYarmak_QuiTV5 HelenYarmak_QuiTV6 HelenYarmak_QuiTV7 HelenYarmak_QuiTV8 HelenYarmak_QuiTV9 HelenYarmak_QuiTV10 HelenYarmak_QuiTV11 HelenYarmak_QuiTV12  HelenYarmak_QuiTV14 HelenYarmak_QuiTV15 HelenYarmak_QuiTV16 HelenYarmak_QuiTV17 HelenYarmak_QuiTV18 HelenYarmak_QuiTV19 HelenYarmak_QuiTV23HelenYarmak_QuiTV20HelenYarmak_QuiTV13