Brooklyn Fashion Weekend

I had the the pleasure of attending Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.  The show I attended was the “Collections of Eco-Friendly/Innovative Designers.”

Fashion designers from all over were able to display their collection during this off-fashion week show. Winners of the Teen Design Challenge of Maxwell William High School were also able to showcase their winning pieces. Overall this show was amazing and exciting to see. Looking forward to next season to see what who they will be showcasing next.

CLICK HERE to see the images from the show.

Below was line-up for the show:

Callula Lilibelle (USA)

Students of Maxwell William High School

Bridgett Artise – Born Again Vintage

Amparo – Lliana Quander

Sohung Tong – Sohung Designs

Trudy Miller – Trudy Miller Layers

Jaime Joseph (USA)

Written: Qui Joacin

Video: Shanise Webley